Personality Development/Soft Skills

HGTech aims at providing students an edge over others, so we understand the importance of Soft Skills for students. HGTech aims at providing training and guidance to enhance their soft skills which focuses on effective introduction methods, mastering verbal & non-verbal Communication, presentation techniques, image enhancement through proper dressing and social etiquettes etc., which in long run helps an individual to stand out in the crowd.


Communication skills are an important aspect for one’s personality be at workplace or personal life the way we communicate with the world around us impacts our personality in many ways. A person always carries an attitude to give a good and a positive impression about one’s personality at time he / she may lack in it. Improving your soft skills helps in various ways to groom as a good and a positive personality some of the key skills expected by many employers includes :

Good communication skills –
Are you both verbally articulate and a good listener? Can you make your case and express needs in a way that builds bridges with colleagues, customers and vendors.
Time management abilities- Do you know how to prioritize tasks and work on a number of different projects at once? Will you use your time on the job wisely?

Problem-solving skills –are you resourceful and able to creatively solve problems that will probably arise? Will you take ownership of problems or leave them for someone else? Acting as a team player- Will you work well in groups and teams? Will you be cooperative and take a leadership role when required.

Interpersonal Relation: Have tools & techniques to maintain good relation.
Self-confidence- Do you truly believe you can do the job?
Ability to accept and learn from criticism- Will you be able to handle criticism? Are you coach able and open to learning.
Flexibility/Adaptability- Are you able to adapt to new situations and challenges? Will you embrace change and be open to new idea?
Working well under pressure- Can you handle the stress that accompanies deadlines and crises? Will you be able to do your best work and come through ?

Training program includes :
Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Interview Skills, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Personality Development.

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