Industrial Training in Microsoft .Net

Microsoft.NET is a set of Microsoft Software Technologies for connecting Information, Systems and Devices. The .NET framework helps in Enterprise – Level Integration using Enterprise Servers and Services. The Development Framework helps in building the internet and Intranet solutions for cross-platform integration. The powerful GUI Development Environment supports development and integration of Web application and Web services using multiple languages. The .NET Technologies are based on the Microsoft.NET framework and use the .NET features to develop Web Programs, Web Application, Web Services, Console Applications and Windows Applications.

Module 1

  • .Net Framework
  • Getting Started
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Microsoft.Net & Versions
  • Language Support
  • Types of Applications
  • Installations & Getting Started
  • Creating Applications
  • Testing & Debugging Applications

Module 2

  • Overview of .Net Component
  • Features of .Net Framework
  • .Net Framework Architecture
  • Components of .Net Framework
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • Common Language Specification (CLS)
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Intermediate Language (IL)
  • Framework Libraries
  • Namespaces, Assemblies & Deployment
  • Security
  • Memory Management
  • Metadata & Reflection

Module 3

  • C#/VB.Net Programming
  • Introduction to .Net Framework & Features of C#.Net
  • Creating Console Applications
  • Data Types, Variables, Constants
  • Boxing & Un Boxing
  • Operators & Expressions
  • Control Structures
  • Arrays & Strings
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • C# parameter Modifiers (out, ref)
  • Multithreading
  • Delegates & Events
  • Implementing OOPS
  • OOPS Vs Structural Programming
  • Features of OOPS
  • Classes & Objects
  • ata Abstractions, Data Hiding
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Operator Overloading, Function Overloading
  • Constructors & Destructors

Module 5

  •  ASP.NET
  • Introduction to Internet & Web Applications
  • Introduction to Dynamic Web Pages & ASP.Net
  • ASP.Net Page
  • Life Cycle
  • .Net Standard Controls
  • Regular expressions
  • Validation Controls
  • Create Master Page and Content Pages
  • Login Controls
  • Web Parts

Module 7

  • LINQ, Data Controls and web.config File Setting
  • Data Binding in ASP.Net
  • Overview of LINQ to SQL Class
  • Connectivity with LINQ
  • Using Stored Procedure in LINQ
  • State Management & Security Issues in ASP.Net
  • Configuration Settings
  • Tracing & Debugging
  • Deploying ASP.Net Applications

Module 9

  • Advanced Technologies
  • Asp.NET Ajax Controls
  • JQuery
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • Silver Light
  • MVC in Asp.Net
  • Mobile Application

Module 4

  •  Windows Forms Application Development
  • C# .NET Layout Basics
  • Introduction to Windows Forms user interface
  • Common Windows forms controls
  • Data Controls
  • Menus and Toolbars
  • Dialog Boxes
  • MDI Form
  • Custom Control
  • Validation in Window Form
  • Crystal Report, Error Handling
  • Setup and Deployment

Module 6

  • ADO.Net & XML
  • Database Concept & SQL Server queries
  • Introduction to Disconnected Architecture & ADO.Net
  • ADO.Net Classes
  • ADO.Net Objects
  • Connection objects, Data Adapter
  • Command Builders, Data Table
  • Data Set, Data Reader
  • Data Retrieval, Insertion, Deletion & Updating
  • ADO.Net Connection Pooling
  • Using Data Controls
  • Introduction to XML
  • XML Tree, XML Syntax

Module 8

  • Web Hosting on Server
  • Introduction of IIS Server
  • CPanel setting for Dynamic website
  • Upload database
  • FTP Configuration
  • SMTP Configuration
  • Uploading of WebPages and file

Module 10

  • Project Work
  • System Analysis & Design

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I would like to thank you and your team for providing me “ASP.NET Training” successfully. I really appreciate everyone for being so professional and kind enough to help me in all aspects. R Birla
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