Industrial Training in Java

Java can run anywhere, whether it is high end server, a small palm top or a mobile etc . You can write software on one platform and run it on virtually any other platform .This is possible through the Java runtime environment which understands the byte code of Java. Java code is the simplest and easiest technology to develop and maintain due to its well written format and easily recognizable blocks Reusability is another wonderful aspect of Java. Java developers feel Java as the beautiful language ever identified.HGTech offers Six Months Industrial Training to B.Tech and MCA Students in the Java Technology. The main objective of our Java Industrial Training program is to provide the IT graduates with practical exposure to Java. We have designed the Java training course while keeping in mind the current Industry requirements. The Java training program is most suitable for IT Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates who are about to enter the Software Industry and wanted to pursue their career in Java technology. With the help of Six Months Industrial Training in Java you can take your career in the upward direction.

HGTech is providing Core java and Advance Java Training in Chanidgarh . with 100% practical training . HGTech is providing detailed expertise with basics , advance topics and Frameworks like hibernate , Struts , Spring Candidates from different colleges from btech ,diploma, mca,bca etc undergo Six weeks and six months training in java development from HGTech in chandigarh . HGTech is also Developing Inovative products in Java using Advance frameworks like Hibernate,Struts,Spring.

Course Modules:-

Industrial Training in Java is a modular 6 months course, exclusively includes practical sessions.

  1. Module 01: Introduction to Java
  2. Module 02: Java Basics
  3. Module 03: Methods In Java
  4. Module 04: HTML/DHTML
  5. Module 05: Javascript/Jquery
  6. Module 06: Introduction to OOPS
  7. Module 07: Packages in Java
  8. Module 08: Handing Exceptions
  9. Module 09: Multithreading
  10. Module 10: Swings
  11. Module 11: Event Handling
  12. Module 12: Multithreading
  13. Module 13: Applet Programming
  14. Module 14: I/O Programming
  15. Module 15: Socket Programming
  16. Module 16: Collection Framework
  17. Module 17: JDBC Programming
  18. Module 18: Introduction to MS-SQL
  19. Module 19: Working with XML
  20. Module 20: J2EE Introuction
  21. Module 21: Servlet Programming
  22. Module 22: JSP Programming

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