In this era of extreme competition, getting a good job is one of the toughest tasks. To get a good job a person must possess both the theoretical and practical knowledge. And for that you must undergo internship/ industrial training. Now, you may wonder that, from where a person can get an internship/ industrial training. Industrial Training and Internship are the two programs through which a person can acquire knowledge with experience. And one has to take wise decision at this time.

Difference Between institutional and industrial training

Institutional training is all about learning the theory. It may reinforce knowledge in which you already have a foundation. For example, when you’re at college, you may already have learned java language during your studied, but didn’t have implemented it into the live world.

Other subjects may be taught to you from scratch, but it is the theory that you learn. For e.g. you learn about splitting the project in two phases using SDLC principles but you never practically implement them.

And that’s where industrial training differs; it gives you the skills to do something rather than just know about something. Training can be specific to your need, your vocation or your skills-gap. It is therefore people who want to implement a new system, improve a specific ability or further their ability in something.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Confucius

It is for this reason that the professions like IT, engineering, Law and Medicine require a period of further practical training after academic studies are complete.

Industrial Training always has an advantage over institutional training. The companies prefer the candidates who have practical experience form a company with theoretical knowledge. So, learn the things practically.

Industrial training is a program in which the trainee gets a chance to work with a company and apply his theoretical knowledge in the practical work place. If we talk about, it is a type of training in which the colleges or institutes enters into an agreement with the organizations to provide practical knowledge to their students.

Features of Industrial Training as Follows:

  • Live project Training
  • Skilled Training
  • Increases students’ performance and productivity.
  • Builds self-confidence of interns.
  • Gains practical knowledge.
  • Improves intern’s workplace ethics.
  • Enhances skills.
  • Improves their performance quality.
  • Improves their Communication skills.
  • Placement Assistance

How HGTechSolutions can help you?

These days, there are various options available in the marketplace for the students, but there are only a few organizations which are delivering the actual practical skills which are expected by the young technocrats. HGTechSolutions is one of the best software company where you can get industrial training in PHP, Framework (Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter ),CMS( WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Maganto) Microsoft .Net, Mobile development(Android/i Phone), Cloud Computing(Amazon AWS, Google drive), AngularJs, Nodejs, Digital Marketing.

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After the above-detailed discussion, we can say that training/ internship has gained very important position in our career. As internship gives the practical application of theoretical knowledge, the proper training helps in improving the employee’s performance and helps the organization to judge whether the employee is fit for the job or not. One should prefer industrial training over institutional training.

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