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What is Industrial Training?

Industrial training is a 6 weeks/months practical training program that covers the final year of your graduation. The training can be taken in any particular technology as per your area of interest. For example if you are having PHP as your main subject in the final semester, you obviously will do your project in PHP itself. So, here I want you to take a brief note: Chooses a technology to work on a project that you believe you will make your career. i.e.; In future you are going to make this technology as your profile. E.g.: PHP Developer.

Why you need Industrial Training?

As a fresher (college pass out), we just get the insights on our syllabus. We do not interact with a live project ever. So, this training can help you out to get an exposure to the IT industry (if done in a right place). Secondly, we will be learning the working etiquette in a company. Thirdly, you will learn how to resolve issue in real time and many more.

Apart from the above points, you will also get an opportunity to do a live project.

Enhance skills rather than Knowledge

In this era of extreme competition, getting a good job is one of the toughest tasks. To get a good job a person must possess both the theoretical and practical knowledge. And for that you must undergo internship/ industrial training. Now, you may wonder that, from where a person can get an internship/ industrial training. Industrial Training and Internship are the two programs through which a person can acquire knowledge with experience. And one has to take wise decision at this time.

Difference Between institutional and industrial training

Institutional training is all about learning the theory. It may reinforce knowledge in which you already have a foundation. For example, when you’re at college, you may already have learned java language during your studied, but didn’t have implemented it into the live world.

Other subjects may be taught to you from scratch, but it is the theory that you learn. For e.g. you learn about splitting the project in two phases using SDLC principles but you never practically implement them.

Big data: Why it is important and why it matters??

Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making
Still not sure what Big Data is? Well, you are not alone. The IT industry, in an attempt to quantify what is and isn’t Big Data, has come up with what are known as the “V’s” of Big Data. The foundational three are:
•Volume: The amount of data is immense. Each day 2.3 trillion gigabytes of new data is being created.
•Velocity: The speed of data (always in flux) and processing (analysis of streaming data to produce near or real time results)
•Variety:The different types of data, structured, as well as, unstructured.
It is the combination of these factors, high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety that serves as the basis for data to be termed Big Data. Big Data platforms and solutions provide the tools, methods and technologies used to capture, curate, store and search & analyse the data to find new correlations, relationships and trends that were previously unavailable.

How cloud computing is beneficial for your business??

There are eleven advantages of cloud computing that organizations are experiencing today, leading to quantifiable improvements in their businesses:
1. Fresh Software:
With SaaS, the latest versions of the applications needed to run the business are made available to all customers as soon as they’re released. Immediate upgrades put new features and functionality into workers’ hands to make them more productive. What’s more, software enhancements are typically released quite frequently.
2. Do more with less:
With cloud computing, companies can reduce the size of their own data centres or eliminate their data centre footprint altogether. The reduction of the numbers of servers, the software cost, and the number of staff can significantly reduce IT costs without impacting an organization’s IT capabilities.

MBA Training at HGTechSolutions

An MBA internship is a brief, learning-oriented work experience with a company,which is to be completed between the first and second year of the MBA programme. An internship programme helps students to get real life work experience in a company which helps the students to manage the ups and downs in the company.


HGTECHSOLUTIONS Established in 2010 and headquartered in Chandigarh,india,we specialize in broad range of  development and consulting services that address IT professional services like web architecture, Application development, Mobile application and development of enterprise business system. We have our solutions development centre  at our headquarters in Chandigarh. Our solutions can be tailored to match our clients’ need while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to dynamic  market and the business requirements.


Employee satisfaction is the extent to which employees are happy or content with their jobs and work environment.
Employee satisfaction leads the employee to work more passionately which is required at work place for better productivity.
Satisfied employee are happier with their given job and there is sense of contentment.


Implementing Cloud Computing at HGTechSolutions

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. In basic terms, cloud computing is the phrase used to describe different scenarios in which computing resource is delivered as a service over a network connection (usually, this is the internet). Cloud computing is therefore a type of computing that relies on sharing a pool of physical and/or virtual resources, rather than deploying local or personal hardware and software

Six weeks vs six months industrial training

Six weeks vs six months industrial training

HGTechSolutions is providing job opportunities for people who are looking to get a job in IT sector, marketing, and in human resource also. Be it an SEO expert, programmers designer or any other IT related job, so many companies are looking for right people.


HGTechSolutions readily promote teamwork at workplace. We have a fabulous group of employees who understand the environment as well as each other and maintain a zealous environment to work effectively.

TRAINING at HGTechSolutions

With technology creating more deskilled workers and with industrial workers being replaced by knowledge workers, training is at the forefront of any company. The onus is now on the human Resource department to take a proactive leadership role in responding to training and business needs.  Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.


Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals. Poor time management can be related to procrastination, as well as problems with self control. Skills involved in managing your time include planning for the future, setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and monitoring where your time actually goes.


HRM is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in an organization. But now HRM is moving away from traditional personnel, administration, and transactional roles, which are increasingly outsourced.


With the advancement in the era and ever changing technologies your business cannot rely on traditional methods and techniques and henceforth, you require a reliable way to keep track of customers, invoicing and payment processing.


HGTechSolutions offers Six Months Industrial Training to B.Tech and MCA Students in the PHP Technology. The main objective of HGTechSolutions’ PHP Industrial Training program is to provide the IT graduates with practical exposure to PHP. HGTechSolutions have designed the PHP training course while keeping in mind the current Industry requirements. The PHP training program is most suitable for IT Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates who are about to enter the Software Industry and wanted to pursue their career in PHP technology. HGTechSolutions provides training to support the career and achieve success throughout.


HGTechSolutions have fast-paced business environment demand significantly working as a team today than in past years. We need to set the pace and tone, communicate expectations, get people actively involved in running the day-to-day business by working as a team and provide regular coaching and feedback so our employees can keep the momentum going employees and employers grow rapidly as a team in HGTechSolutions.

CONCENTRATION – The Key to Sucess

Concentration is a key of success. It means to focus on one subject. When we concentrate the cosmic power from universe starts coming upon us. Concentration clears out our all confusion.

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