HGTech specializes in delivering In-house Industrial Training in multiple technologies. The aim of delivering these Trainings to the students cannot be stressed enough. It is to enrich the knowledge base and enhancing the hands on practical exposure and required Certifications.

  • Students / Trainees save effort and time in selecting the right Company for Training as the same is done by their college responsibly.
  • Students/Trainees are trained in their own familiar and known environment thereby reducing stress, saving time and energy in familiarizing themselves in a new place.
  • Students/Trainees save money on transportation, boarding/PG.
  • Training fee is considerably reduced.
  • No possibility of getting cheated by unskilled, non-certified and un-authorized Training centre.
    So, in short the Trainees get trained at minimal cost by leading IT Company which has been chosen very responsibly by senior college authorities.

Objective of Industrial Training

With the market getting more competitive, the industry is looking for professional who are not only qualified but also certified. The candidates equipped with skill apart from a professional degree are more readily absorbed by the industry. Though the students today are aware of this fact, but Stellar with its “Skill Development Training Programme” is trying to emphasize on:-

New & Emerging Trends In The IT Industry Attain A Global IT Certification.

Roles & Responsibilities

HGtech Responsibilities:-HGtech would be responsible for arranging the Skilled Industry Consultants, to impart the Training.The participation certificates will also be issued by HGtech to the students attending the Training.The students/trainees will be guided to excel in the respective certification exams conducted online by the vendor Companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems.

College Responsibilites:

The Training Infrastructure – Seminar Hall & Lab has to be made available by the college.
Audio-visual aids to be provided to enhance the Training experience.
For further details, please fill the Form for College In-House Industrial Training Tie-up.

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